I was pleased to discover that William Eggleston's 2 1/4 is once again available for purchase. Twin Palms published the fourth edition of the book earlier this year and it's limited to just 3000 copies worldwide.

My first (and only) experience with this book was through the interlibrary loan system at school. The copy I borrowed had seen better days, but still stands out in my mind as what I like best about Eggleston. While it's really not all that different than his later work, 2 1/4 shows what direction he was heading in and the use of a square sets this work apart from projects like Los Alamos.

2 1/4 is wonderfully printed with large images on every page. Just a fantastic book overall, especially for fans of Eggleston. Get it before it's gone again and only available at inflated prices on the secondary market.