Books On Books

The first four releases of errata editions' Books on Books series are in stores now. Each title features a reproduction of a classic photography book with added insight and commentary on the work.

Walker Evans' American Photographs is the second book in the series and the first I have purchased. The idea behind the series is brilliantly simple. Take the original book, scan the pages, and publish them in a new format. Some of the images are published on a single page, others are placed four to a single page spread. After the reproduction of the full book, some essays about the photographer and the work follow.

Errata did just about everything right with the entire presentation. The half dust jacket looks great and the entire reproduction looks excellent, better than I had expected. Some of the images end up a bit small due to the layout, but that's about the only complaint I've got. Definitely an interesting way to discover books that may be unavailable at the current time.

Other titles in the series include: Eugene Atget's Photographe de Paris, Sophie Ristelheuber's Fait and Chris Killip's En Flagrante.