Five: Photo books from 2008...

I didn't buy enough photo books this year to author a 'best of' list, but here are five books that I really enjoyed this past year.

Ray K. Metzker
Light Lines
This is a beautifully printed book, a collection of much of Metzker's work. He excels at creating abstract black and white photographs out of everyday life, reducing landscapes and people into lines and shapes.

William Christenberry
Working From Memory

For fans of Christenberry, such as myself, Working From Memory is a much appreciated look at the stories behind his work. Each chapter gives a background story for a photograph, all the little details behind what makes them special to the photographer.

Bill Wood's Business
Bill Wood was a commercial photographer from Fort Worth, Texas. Diane Keaton purchased his vault of negatives after his death and eventually put together this exhibition of his work. The collection documents both the serious and odd side of a very straight-forward photographer without pretense.

Zoe Strauss

Strauss' America is vivid and recalls Stephen Shore's American Surfaces project, albeit a bit more focused. There's a lot to see, with a lot of photographs, both delightfully mundane in nature and some that may be a little too contrived for my tastes.

Michael Eastman
Vanishing America

Vanishing America is chock full of images. Some layouts are simple, other have a half dozen or more images on a spread of pages. Eastman's work is a massive collection of broken down main streets and all the other small town necessities that are slowly falling apart.