The time is now.

Hello May!

The show has been hung and I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to see it. I'm excited for how it turned out. It was a stressful few days getting prepared but everything is ready to go. The open house at the Hot Shops runs 12-7 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces.

I have to thank a few key people who helped make this a reality. Kelly Adams from the Hot Shops for her patience, very supportive nature and helpful advice. William Hess for printing and mounting the images for the show. Logan Epps for crafting the shelves that make the whole thing work. And Steven Schmiedeskamp for lending a hand to hang the show on very short notice.

There are many more people who have inspired and accompanied me along the way that I am just as thankful for. I am very lucky to have a life with so many great friends and family around me.

Enjoy the show.