When I was growing up, Wahoo was sort of a mythical place. It was always the last town we drove through on the way to my Grandparents' house in Prague. And that name.. It just didn't seem like anyone would actually name a town after a goofy celebratory yelp.

Wahoo lies about a half hour west of Omaha's western edge. Despite the unusual name, it's a fairly typical Nebraska small town. I've passed through Wahoo countless times, but I hadn't ever taken the time to photograph it until today. It was a great day to be out and about, with a little more mild temperatures than we've had the last couple of weeks, and just the right amount of clouds to occasionally give some cover from the sun.

I (slowly) continue to work on my family project. While I like some of the images, the whole idea just hasn't managed to quite completely click with me as of yet. Perhaps another visit to eastern Iowa will help everything take shape.

Also visited: Ashland, Memphis, Ithaca, Weston, Brainard and Malmo.