Homeward bound

Until today, the weather had been near perfect for my travels. The closer I got to Nebraska, the worse the weather got. I woke up to 30 degree temperatures and a dull gray sky in Goodland, Kansas. It didn't take long for a persistent cold mist and fog to develop. By the time I got across the state line to McCook, there was a nasty mix of what appeared to be rain, ice and snow all at once. Maybe Nebraska is trying to tell me something.

Both photographs today come from Goodland before the weather really went south. The small city boasts what they claim to be the world's largest Van Gogh painting. As I stood there, shivering from the cold, I couldn't help but wonder what ol' Vincent would have made of the spectacle. Some little town in middle-of-nowhere western Kansas with an eighty-foot tall easel next to a Pizza Hut displaying a copy of a piece of art made by a long dead Dutch schizophrenic that may have ate a little too much lead paint.

The photograph below is from downtown. I'm not sure what Caldwell's is or was, but there sure is an interesting array of imagery posted in the window.

detail from photograph of Caldwell's