Omaha to Dodge City

With a break from school and work, I've hit the road in search of a new project to obsess over. I was getting to the point that I felt the urge to just keep going whenever I was driving on the interstate. As you might imagine, this need for exploration isn't exactly conducive to a productive workday. I miss the open highways and the little towns, clear nights full of stars, and the challenge of creating something worth mentioning.

I'm heading southwest towards Taos and Santa Fe, exploring the vast great plains that stretch for hundreds of miles before rising to the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Tomorrow will mark my first time in Oklahoma and New Mexico (aside from placing a foot on the southeast portion of the Four Corners when I was twelve).

The photograph above is from a little roadside attraction called Rock City near Minneapolis, Kansas. Rock City is a small park full of.. large rocks just like this. Very strange.

Also visited: Fairmont, Bruning, Hebron and Chester, Nebraska. Belleville, Salina, Brookville, Kannapolis Lake, Geneseo and Great Bend, Kansas.