Nebraska City

In Nebraska City today, an old man stopped his car near where I was photographing the side of an old truck, rolled the window down, and asked me just what the hell I was doing. I told him I was just taking pictures of random things. He said that his wife still used a camera with 110 film. It surprised him when I said that was actually pretty hip at the moment. When I told him about my travels in Nebraska and the little details I like to capture, he made a sort of strange face.

"The world has more than enough pretty landscape pictures," I said. The old man thought about it a second. "I bet you'd have better luck selling them though."

We said goodbye and he drove away.


Nebraska City is one of those places that is just plain... nice. The town's main street is sort of idyllic with mom 'n pop diners and locally owned shops, and the people are always friendly. It lies nestled in the hills above the Missouri River so the recent flooding hasn't had much effect, outside of what's shown in the photograph above.

I did notice that the business that once held a small showing of Ben Richter and I's work a few years back is no longer there. It's been replaced by yet another attempt at an antique store.

It's still hot in Nebraska, unfortunately. The heat index isn't 115 anymore, but I'm still anxious for fall to get here all the same.

Nebraska City

near Lake Waconda