It's been far too long

It's been a busy few weeks for me. Work, school and the show at the Hot Shops have been taking up all of my time. Now that everything is winding down, I found time to get out and explore a few of the towns in Nebraska that I haven't visited yet. As you can tell, it was a near-perfect day for making photographs. A very productive day at that.

I can't begin to explain how much I needed to get out on the road. It's been entirely too long. I plan to begin work on my next project over the summer and will have more information about it once everything falls into place. I have begun to research the project, but, as my past endeavors have illustrated, the initial plans usually bear little resemblance to the eventual results of the effort.

And remember, photographs from The Magic City are on display through next weekend at the Hot Shops if you've yet to see the show.

Saunders County


Seward County

Loma Cemetery

Also visited: Jack Sinn Memorial State Wildlife Area, Ceresco, Valparaiso, Dwight, Ulysses, Gresham, Staplehurst, Oak Glen State Wildlife Area, and Raymond.