February (Thus far...)

February has, to this point, been about rediscovering black and white photography. I'd add 35mm film to that, but I've been shooting with a small Olympus digital camera, the E-M5. It's really quite a fantastic little package with tremendous image quality, even with the pocket-sized 14-42mm kit lens. 

The last time I gave camera suggestions, I was unable to recommend any of the micro 4/3 cameras. Now I can highly recommend any of the latest Olympus models (the aforementioned E-M5 along with the E-PL5 and E-PM2) to anyone who is looking to take high quality photographs with the smallest package possible. Olympus' latest imaging sensor has finally caught up with the DSLR world.

You can't expect miracles, obviously, but I'd say the results are better than what I got with the old full frame Canon 5D. There's definitely a difference in outright image quality between so-called full frame and cropped frame cameras, especially when it comes to fine detail and depth. Just think of a camera with a 4/3 or APS-C sensor as the new 35mm and a full frame camera like the Nikon D800 to be the new medium format. Both have their own advantages and can deliver results that are exhibition worthy. Bigger will mean better in most ways.. but also much more expensive.

Here are a few photographs from the first half of February for your viewing pleasure: 

Places visited: Council Bluffs, Missouri Valley, Logan, Woodbine, Dunlap, Dow City, Arion, Earling, Tennant, Shelby and Minden, Iowa. Washington, Kennard, Arlington, Fremont, Ames, North Bend, Morse Bluff, Cedar Hill, Abie and Plasi, Nebraska.