I face the horizon, everywhere I go

I spent an unseasonably warm February weekend exploring north-central Kansas and a few new places in Nebraska. It was a near-perfect two days of wandering, minus an obnoxiously persistent and forceful wind that followed me through Kansas' flint hills. Every time I got back in the car, I'd find myself chewing on wind-blown sand. In Ellsworth, I stood on main street next to a hand-painted sign for a western shop as a large tumbleweed rolled past at full speed. 

So it goes in the mythic west.

Next up, I'll be returning to the panhandle and the Oglala National Grasslands in a few weeks' time to finish work on a project I started a few years back. I'm looking forward to getting out to Wyoming again.

near Marysville, Kansas

Haddam, Kansas

Salina, Kansas

Ellsworth, Kansas

Riverton, Nebraska

Post title: Frank Turner - The Road