Nothin' but blue skies from now on

One last road trip before fall arrives, a quick tour of the southern border of Nebraska along US 136 and NE 89 to McCook. I'm crossing off the last few towns I've yet to visit south of I-80 and stopping by a places I haven't seen since my initial travels for ninety-three back in 2007. Returning to some of these towns, like Wilsonville, is like seeing an old friend, even if we only met for a very short amount of time several years ago. Not much changes in these parts.

Tomorrow I'm headed towards the Colorado border and then back home across the state. 

near Dorchester



Visited: Milligan, Superior, Abdal, Red Cloud, Bloomington, Naponee, Harlan County Lake, Republican City, Alma, Orleans, Stamford, Beaver City, Hendley, Wilsonville, Lebanon, Danbury, Marion, Grove Cemetery, and Culbertson, Nebraska. Oberlin, Traer, and Herndon, Kansas.

Post title: Willie Nelson - Blue Skies