And then there were none...

My quest to visit every town in Nebraska ended this afternoon a stop in the nearly non-existent bump-in-the-road known once-upon-a-time as Cumminsville. Located at the intersection of US 281 and NE 70, Cumminsville is little more than an abandoned building and some random relics of times gone by. Ten years of meandering and my map is now complete.

What's next? I'm not exactly sure, but I definitely don't feel like my travels of Nebraska are anywhere near over. This state is my muse, photographically-speaking, and I can't imagine an end to my explorations. Things change, buildings disappear, years pass. Going back to revisit my discoveries years later is part of the magic.

On that note... In 2007, I photographed a building in Spalding that had OUR PLACE lettered across the facade. Today,  I returned to Spalding for the first time in many years, and the location of OUR PLACE is now an empty hole in the middle of the other downtown structures. Another reminder that nothing is forever. 

So it goes.