The mountains are calling

Today I visited Wyoming's Snowy Range for the first time since a family vacation way back in the summer of 1992. It was far better than I remember, absolutely beautiful and such a sudden change from the high plains on either side of the range. I took a short hike along a boulder field and found myself in awe. A great reminder of the enormity and awesomeness of nature, and the relative unimportant nature of all the little day-to-day stresses that have a way of consuming a person.

This marked the first time I've been in the Rocky Mountains since I visited Colorado in 2010. It was far too long.

I also crossed the Continental Divide to the tiny company town of Wamsutter, one of the few populated places located in Wyoming's Great Divide Basin. Nothing but semi-trucks and flat, sage-brush covered semi-desert as far as the eye can see. And a relentless wind.

Tomorrow comes central Wyoming.