It took me years to get those souvenirs

Today's weather was much more manageable as I explored the northwest corner of Kansas while listening to classic country western, baseball, and the NBA playoffs on the radio. I had to skip a few places I had wanted to explore on account of my new-found phobia of muddy gravel roads (see yesterday's post), but it was still a productive day. 

In Bird City, Kansas, a evangelical church on the main street has a digital sign that flashes various messages including "Welcome to Bird City," bible verses, and "Evolution is a lie!" I felt both welcomed and amused.

At Monument Rocks, an unusual geologic formation smack dab in the middle of nowhere, I ran into a younger couple that was far more invested in taking selfies than they were looking around. All of the many takes of each shot looked exhausting.

Tomorrow - US Highway 36 and home.


Post title: John Prine - Souvenirs