It's a tough job

One of the many great aspects of my job at Fontenelle Forest is the ability to better explore forms of photography that I haven't spent enough time on. I've found these new approaches and subjects to be inspiring, from wildlife to the many events that the organization puts on. It forces a person who might otherwise become even more set in his visual vocabulary to branch out and look at the world with what amounts to a fresh set of eyes.

This photograph was taken last week at Fontenelle Forest's Raptor Recovery rehabilitation center near Elmwood, Nebraska. A Bald Eagle resides in what was described as an "intensive-care" room after suffering from lead poisoning. The organization's goal is to rehabilitate and release these tremendous birds back into the wild. It's incredible to see the lengths that their caregivers will go to help them, driving all over the entire state and selflessly spending many hours nursing them back to health. 

This is all the more meaningful to me considering how I ended up here. A chance morning visit to the forest turned into an involved photography project, then an internship and now a permanent job. It can be amazing how this world works, and I couldn't be happier to have escape the day job I was suffering through before all of this. I look forward to seeing how all of this new imagery and awareness creeps into my work moving forward, both the obvious and the more subtle. To me, art is the result of a multitude of influences and experiences all thrown together, curated and developed into something coherent and unique to a person's experience. You just have to let it all in and see what happens, embracing the experience and letting it change you a little at a time.