I feel like in those hills I still belong

The morning began with a frost-covered windshield and a 27 degree temperature in Ogallala, a reminder that March in Nebraska isn't always spring-like. I spent the day bracing myself against a stiff north wind, attempting to stay somewhat warm while I explored. Fogged-over eyeglasses do not make for optimal photographs.

A man in Gurley, Nebraska saw me taking photographs of an old pickup truck and asked what I was up to. "Seeing what I can see," I said. He looked me over and laughed. "Not much to see here."

The day ended with a short hike through the remnants of this week's snow storm at Chadron State Park. It's a gorgeous, rocky place, and feels nothing at all like a person expects Nebraska to be. I'm excited to return to my Oglala project over the next two days in and around the Oglala National Grassland in Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Chadron State Park from Oglala

near Big Springs, Nebraska

Julesburg, Colorado

Gurley, Nebraska

Visited: Brule, Big Springs, Lorenzo, Sidney, Gurley, Dalton, Angora, and Chadron State Park, Nebraska. Julesburg, Ovid, Sedgwick, Crook, Proctor, Illiff, Padroni, and Peetz, Colorado.

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