The highway is my home

This morning, I headed west from Chadron on US 20, listening to classic country and public service announcements on KILI 90.1 out of Rapid City, the voice of the Lakota Nation. It was a fitting choice, as this part of Nebraska is perhaps best known as the site of Crazy Horse's final days and his controversial death.

I drove in a large circle that included parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota, before finishing the day in the Oglala National Grassland at Toadstool Geologic Park. Toadstool is one of those places that you really have to want to get to, as it's well off the beaten path, only reachable via a long, poorly maintained gravel road that bounces across the grassland. A word of advice from my experience today: If Toadstool is wet - either wait until it dries out or wear a pair of waterproof mud boots. 

All in all, it was a very good day. Definitely much warmer than yesterday, although there was a lot more snow on the ground in Wyoming. Lusk had piles of snow placed just about everywhere, including a 10 foot tall mound in a grocery store parking lot.

Tomorrow brings a trek to Valentine!

Lusk, Wyoming from Oglala

Whitney Lake from Oglala

Oglala National Grassland from Oglala

Provo, South Dakota from Oglala

Visited: Chadron, Whitney, Whitney Lake, Crawford, Harrison, and Oglala National Grassland, Nebraska. Van Tassell, Lusk, Manville, Lance Creek, and Mule Creek Junction, Wyoming. Edgemont, Provo, Rumford, and Ardmore, South Dakota.

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